ALL PETS: What’s in a name?


We all know that children’s names can be stylish but what about names for our dogs and cats? According to reporter Kristen Seymour’s article “Top 10 Trendiest Cat and Dog Names,” pets are just as likely to have hip monikers, too.

So what’s considered cool? For dogs, Lola, Stella and Luna are great for the girls while the boys are most likely to be named Bentley, Diesel or Tank. When it comes to our feline females, Lola and Stella also top the list along with Izzy, Zoey and Lulu. Male cats are likely to go by Dexter, Cooper, Louie and Loki.

Seymour asked baby name guru Laura Wattenberg to fill readers in on how we’re transitioning from Fido to Fred.

“Parents are giving pets more extreme versions of the kids’ names,” she explained, adding that the more human the name, the more prominent role the pet will play in family. Wattenberg also revealed we’re leaning towards soft and cuddly pet names, saying they lend “a feeling of warmth and personal attachment.”

Of course, pet names are also heavily influenced by pop culture.

At The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County we’ve had our fair share of Guccis, Diors, Mercedes, and Porsches. We’ve had a Cinderella, Madonna, Brad and Angelina. Movies like The Lion King have similarly spawned plenty of pets named Nala and Simba, Thelma and Louise and Harold and Maude while TV shows have given us a Felix and Oscar, Laverne and Shirley, Lenny and Squiggy and several characters from NCIS.

Are you trendy or traditional? Why not tell us your furry friend’s name and how it came to be.

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