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Homeless Family Center speaker puts a face on homelessness

VERO BEACH -- Richard LeMieux is living proof that homelessness can occur in the blink of an eye; ...

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Facebook training for seniors being offered

VERO BEACH -- The on-line marketing firm Social Kaboom has announced Facebook training classes for seniors, designed to ...

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EATS: Mozzarella’s got me singin’ the blues

Some time ago, I can't remember how long, I went to the store and picked up a package ...

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VISUAL BLOG: Holiday lighting memories

Staff photo: Keith Carson

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VISUAL BLOG: Holiday lighting memories

Did you run up your electric bill this year with a great holiday light display? Ever wonder how ...

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VISUAL BLOG: Frozen fingers keeping you from shooting?

Shooters it's cold outside, not that I have to tell you, I'm sure your heat is kicking on ...

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HAVE CAMERA: Time flies when you’re having fun

Who knew I would be so busy working at a 24/7 news organization. Oh wait, what part of ...

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CAMERA BLOG: Oh, the possibilities of a themed photo contest

The Indian River Photo Club has a large variety of personalities and they all come through in their ...

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Volunteers to help get Children’s Clothing Closet ready for back to school

VERO BEACH -- Members of the Indian River Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals will sort, organize and ...