Vero Beach breaks daily heat record; showers to bring some relief

VERO BEACH — A new pattern of daily thunderstorms could bring some relief this week as ‘feels-like’ temperatures were expected to climb over 100 degrees, weather officials said.

“The temperature has been well above normal since the start of June,” said Will Ulrich, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Melbourne.

The much-needed rain comes one day after Vero Beach broke another daily heat record. The temperature for the city soared to 95 degrees on Sunday, beating the old high of 94 degrees last set on the same day in 1994, Ulrich said.

Fort Pierce broke a daily heat record on Saturday as it reached 97 degrees, surpassing the previous high of 95 degrees last set in 1949.

The high for Vero Beach on Monday will reach 95 degrees, with a heat index value up to 102 degrees, meteorologists said. Tuesday through Friday will have temperatures in the upper 80s, which will dip into the mid-70s at night.

The city was expected to have heavy rainfall each day this week, knocking down the intense humidity.

Chances of rain will be 60 percent on Monday, 90 percent on Tuesday through Thursday and 80 percent on Friday. The nights will be mostly cloudy, weather officials said.

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