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Cold fronts hit Vero Beach this week and next week

VERO BEACH — The chilliest weather for this week’s cold front will be felt about 7 a.m. Thursday – near sunrise – with temperatures plunging to near 50 degrees, meteorologists said. Forecasters said another cold front will pass through Vero Beach next week with weather conditions in the lower 60s.

“This is a dry cold front,” said Robert Haley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Melbourne, of this week’s chilly weather. “It’s breezy today. There are small craft advisories in effect and a moderate risk of rip currents.”

The cold fronts come as Vero Beach approaches the holiday season.

Wednesday will have a high temperature near 67 degrees, which will drop to 52 degrees at night, forecasters said. Thursday will have a high near 70 degrees, which will dip to 63 degrees in the evening.

The weather will warm back up toward the end of the week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have highs in the mid-to-upper 70s and lows near the 60s, meteorologists said.

A second cold front will pass through Vero Beach late Sunday. Forecasters said Monday will have a high temperature near the low 70s, which will fall to the lower 60s at night.

Tuesday will see temperatures climb back up to the upper 70s, Haley said.

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