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In December 2023 and January 2024 Gallery 14 Presents

A Lifetime of Exploration: Paintings by Barbara Krupp Journey Through the Decades: Time Capsules by Paul Solovay

Gallery 14 is proud to present a two month dual special exhibit featuring work by abstract expressionist Barbara Krupp and photographer/assemblagist Paul Solovay.  The show will run from Dec 1, 2023 through Jan 26, 2024, with three receptions:  A Special Opening Reception on Thursday November 30, 5-8pm, also Friday Dec. 1 5-8pm and Friday Jan 5, 5-8pm.  Barbara Krupp, living in both Ohio and Vero Beach,  has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums and her work can be found in many private collections, including the University of Tampa, who purchased fifty three of her paintings. Originally trained as an x-ray technician, she likes to quote T.S. Eliot, “I have seen the skull beneath the skin.” The structure of the painting is very important to her, as she allows the bones of the painting – both computationally and metaphorically, become the painting’s subject matter.  Paul Solovay, living in both Upstate New York and Vero Beach, spent nearly thirty years as a top creative talent in advertising, creating many award-winning commercials.  His Pepsi commercial “Bringing Home Baby” is in the Smithsonian Museum and the Broadcast Museum in NYC.  His ‘Active Camera’ photographs translate musical sound waves into light waves, capturing the high energy of performance.  His new series “Time Capsules of the 20th Century” feature multi-media assemblages with sound tracks and ephemera through the decades.

Also featured: Gallery 14 artist-owners:  Lila Blakeslee, Barbara du Pont, Barbara Landry, Mary Ann Hall, Jessica Leto,  Deborah Polackwich, Dorothy Napp Schindel, and Evan Schwarze.  Also shown will be work by  represented artists Walford Campbell, Melanie Denison, Joan Earnhart, Terry Green, Viola Pace Knudsen, Mia Lindberg, Francis Mesaros,  Michael Robinson,  Carol Staub and  Jo Zaza.  Gallery 14 is located at 1911 14th Avenue in Vero Beach, FL.  Open hours: Tues – Fri, 10-5pm and Sat 10-4pm OR open by appointment. Phone 772-562-5525. Visit us at, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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