Non-partisan Panel to Consider ‘How to Cope with Gun Violence’

VERO BEACH—Incidents of gun violence continue to appear in the news media. Regardless of one’s political stance, one thing most of us can agree on is that we’d like to keep our loved ones – and ourselves – safe from gun violence while in school and church, shopping, or on the street. 

The Vero Beach Branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) will host a non-partisan discussion, “Coping with Gun Violence in Indian River County: What We Need to Know” at 1pm on Saturday, Oct. 21, in the Indian River County (IRC) Sheriff’s Office Administrative Building. Panelists will discuss ways that gun violence affects our community, ways to limit violence, and solutions to counter the effects of gun violence on our and others’ mental health. They will also provide information on the state laws regarding guns, the rights covered under the 2nd Amendment, and actions we might take with our government representatives. 

Panelists include Kristen Azari, volunteer with Moms Demand Action; Wes Samons, Executive Director Mental Health Collaborative of IRC; and Eric Flowers, IRC Sheriff. 

The meeting is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Only registered participants will be admitted. Go to the AAUW website ( to register. 

The Sheriff’s Office is in the Building H of the Administration complex, located at 41st Avenue at 41st Street. Enter in the driveway off 41st Avenue. 

Please check in at the door; only registered participants will be admitted. Registration deadline: October 18. 

If you have questions about the event, or want to submit questions for the panelists in advance, please email

IMPORTANT NOTE: AAUW Vero Beach has a 501(c)3 classification and is legally obligated to remain nonpartisan at all times. As such, our events, programs and presenters must maintain a non-partisan stance by using neutral and unbiased language and by avoiding taking sides or showing favoritism toward any political group or ideology. We do believe that a nonaligned position is essential for maintaining fairness and objectivity in discussions. Please, stick to facts, avoid emotional language, and ensure your communication is nonpartisan. This stance is essential for maintaining fairness and objectivity in discussions.

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