Another Driving Success vehicle on the road!

A Vehicle for Ms. Linz


Driving Success is proud to share that, with the help of our community, the organization was able to DRIVE SUCCESS for another young woman in Indian River County.

Ms. Linz grew up here in Vero Beach.  She is a single young woman who works full time to pay her rent and bills each month.  As for many, keeping up with the high cost of rent and recent inflation can be difficult.  Ms. Linz found herself in a predicament when the engine in her vehicle seized.  She immediately took the vehicle to her mechanic and found out that the cost to fix it would be over $5000 to replace the engine.  She did not have enough money saved.  She then reviewed her budget and shopped at local dealerships to inquire about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  She quickly realized that she did not have enough money in her monthly budget to afford the financing of a vehicle and pay full coverage insurance.  Ms. Linz was forced to abandon the thought of vehicle ownership and began using public transit, getting rides from friends and turning to Uber to get her to and from work.  As the cost for Uber rides getting to work quickly added up, Ms. Linz found herself in another dilemma…will she have enough money in her monthly budget to pay her rent and bills?

Ms. Linz found out about the Driving Success program through one of her clients at work.  She quickly researched the program to see if she would qualify.  Ms. Linz filled out the application, submitted all necessary documentation and was approved to receive a vehicle.  

Ms. Linz received her “new to her” 2006 Volvo S60 on March 9, 2023.  This vehicle was donated by a private donor.  The vehicle went through all necessary mechanical and safety checks.  The vehicle underwent some necessary repairs which were paid for by a generous donation from St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church.  Additional partnerships with North County Auto Brokers and Sunshine Automotive in Gifford, helped Driving Success with repairs costs, cleaning, necessary paperwork etc.   This is another example of the community coming together to help drive success for another local young woman. 

Driving Success has the vision that all individuals in our community have reliable transportation.  Our mission to increase independence and self-sufficiency in our community by providing a path to vehicle ownership for hardworking individuals and families to keep them working and driving toward success. 

We can only do this work through the generosity of our community.  Vehicle donations and financial contributions help fund this need.   

You can help by spreading the word or supporting in any way you can.  Like us on Facebook and share our messages with your friends and neighbors.  Let them know that Driving Success accepts vehicle donations whether the vehicle runs or not.  Let them know that financial contributions help buy tires, batteries, alternators and brakes.

Thank you for all you can do, from the bottom of our hearts!

Michele & Kevin Peters

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