The Dignity Food Truck…Now Operating at Jaycee Park….

The Seaside Grill, currently under construction in Jaycee Park in Vero Beach, has had some setbacks in their schedule to re-open for the public who enjoys being at the beach, in the park or taking their daily walks on the boardwalk.

Thanks to the City of Vero Beach and the current owners of the establishment, the popular Dignity Food Truck, owned and operated by The Source in Vero Beach, is parking their Food Truck in the parking lot behind Seaside Grill for the next several months, offering a menu of food and drink that will fill the gap in time until the restaurant re-opens.

“In an effort to help the residents and visitors of Vero Beach who have missed the opportunity to enjoy food nearby one of the best recreational areas along the beach, we have altered our schedule for one of our two Food Trucks to park there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. seven days a week,” according to Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director of The Source.

While food trucks are not a new phenomenon, The Dignity Food Truck has been filling the need for those looking for made-to-order food close-to-home for several years…both convenient and tasty. They succeed in that by using a google app (download “I Am The Source” from your App Store) to view a menu and order, schedule a pick-up time, pay online, and ultimately go to the Food Truck and simply retrieve their order.

“We are offering an easy alternative for those getting in their cars and driving for food while they are already spending time on the beach, playing with their children in the park or taking their daily walk. Additionally, our location in the parking lot, right behind Seaside Grill, also allows people to drive there for lunch from the Food Truck and enjoy eating in the park under one of the covered picnic areas located there,”Zorbaugh adds.

I am Ministries DBA The Source is a Christian social outreach ministry that has been empowering communities into a lifestyle of service for the homeless since 1995. Founded in Indian River County, the organization serves its homeless neighbors through core programs that include Dining with Dignity-a culinary employability training program, Dignity Catering and Dignity Food Trucks, Dignity Buses-mobile overnight emergency shelters sleeping nearly 40 nightly, Dignity Village-20 affordable housing units, as well as a myriad of programs and services that instill a sense of community. For more information on The Source please visit Interested in more information of wanting to book one of the Dignity Food Trucks at your location or special event, call Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh, 772-564-0202, Ext. 204.

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