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It’s (now) a wonderful life for Kya, and she deserves it

This week’s innerviewee story was very in-TENSE, which made the Happy Ending extra Crispy Biscuits, an made me wanna rush back to my Gramma an Grampa an give ’em lotsa wags an nose bumps.

Kya Pertierra is a middle-size mutt of in-duh-TER-muh-nut origin, as she put it. When me an my assistant got to her house, Kya an her Dad came out to greet us. Kya was wearing a pink sweater anna pink leash an stood timidly behind her Dad, peepin’ around at me. She had long legs, pretty gold eyes, an black eye liner. I noticed she had a lotta scars all over her. They were healed, but I shivered, knowin’ what she musta gone through.

“Good morning, Miss Kya. I’m Bonzo. I am so happy to meet you In The Fur. Thank you for agreein’ to share your story.”

“Good morning, Mr. Bonzo,” she said in a shy liddle voice. “My Dad an my Grampa Jeff an Gramma Maggie assured me you were very kind an puh-lite. I’m learnin’ what my Dad calls MAN-ers. So now I’m spose to say, ‘Welcome to my home! This is my Dad, Jon-Paul. My Mom, Jessica, is workin’.”

She smiled a small smile. “You know, Mr. Bonzo, it still feels funny havin’ an ackshull Mom an Dad an a ackshull home, an just learnin’ how to be a dog!”

“Well, Miss Kya,” I told her with sincerity, “you’re doing a grrrreat job! I’m ready to hear your tail whenever you’re ready to share it.”

“OK! We can sit right here in the yard if that’s OK. I love the nice soft grass.”

“Me, too!” I replied, gettin’ situated (the grass WAS nice an soft). Kya leaned against her Dad, put her head on his knee, an began.

“It was way far from here, a place called, um, something like Cali-flower, Cali-something. Anyway, Dad, I later learned, had just lost his buh-loved dog, Dax, who hadda duh-ZEES. It was very sad. Dad had just bought speshull water for Mom an was in his truck inna parking lot when he noticed a buncha people looking at somethin’ in the gutter. He went over an saw – me. I was a total mess: dirty, skinny, mangy, too weak to move, an I had lotsa woons all over me. I was maybe 1 in human an I do remember bein’ very scared. My memry’s still fuzzy.
“Anyway, Dad still had Dax’s stuff in his truck so he got Dax’s blanket an scooped me up, wrapped me in it, gave me liddle sips of Mom’s speshull water, then gently put me down on the seat where Dax usta sit. He was cryin’ a liddle.

“Dad called the shelter, which was run by the share-uff. I didn’t have a chip thingy that shows who owns you, and nobody thought I was gonna make it, anyway. Well, Mom an Dad weren’t gonna leave me in the shelter, or anywhere else, so they took me home, then to the same vet who had taken care of Dax. I didn’t know it then, but I’d found my Furever Famly. Ackshully, Mr. Bonzo, I hadn’t ever even HEARD of a Forever Famly.

“It took a LOT of time for me to get better. The vet said I probly wouldn’t have lasted another day if Dad hadn’t saved me. I had ban-duges an special dog pants for a while cuz I couldn’t even walk to go Do My Duty.”

“Oh, Miss Kya,” I said, aghast. “What had happened to you? Didja get hit by a car or somethin’?”

“No. The share-uff said I was attacked by a pack of fellow dogs, probly on purpose cuzza horrible humans who make dogs fight each other and use another dog as BAIT, if you can buh-leeve it. Honestly, Mr. Bonzo, I’m glad I don’t remember very much.”

I wiped my eyes with my paw. “Oh, for Lassie’s Sake, Miss Kya. Why would humans EVER do such a terrible thing? But now you have your Loving Furever Famly and you never haff to think about all that Ever Again. So, tell me about your NEW life.”

“It’s uh-MAY-zing! I have my Very Own Food Bowl! An water bowl. An a Fluffy Bed. I got the No Puppies Pruh-SEE-jur an, when I tripped an hurt my toenail cuzza still bein’ a liddle wobbly, the vet fixed it right away. See?”

She lifted her paw, which hadda white bandage wrapped around it.

“I’m not so skinny anymore, either. I gained 10 pounds and now I’m 40 pounds. I get duh-lishus kibbles an PUMM-kin. An Dad carries me places when I get pooped.”

“What’s daily life like now?”

“I’m SO happy! At first, Dad says, cuz I didn’t have a proper care-free puppyhood, I started chewin’ stuff (like puppies do). Stuff like, lemme see, Shoes. Rugs. Furniture. Even the fancy house Dad an Mom got for me. Basically everything. But they understand. I get Leash Walks every day. I even have a Dog Walker, Miss Gay, for when Dad an Mom are workin’. She totally loves me! An, guess what, NOW I have an ackshuill YARD. An FREE-dom without danger. Oooo, an guess what else?”

(I was so happy to see how happy SHE was, tellin’ me about her new life. I swiped at my eyes again.) “What?” I asked.

“For Halloween (do you know what that is?) …”

“Sure do.”

“Me an Mom an Dad dressed up as witch sisters in a movie called ‘Hocus Pocus.’ I don’t know what that is, but I got to wear a red curly thing on my head an Mom an Dad looked very silly, too. It was SO fun! I didn’t even know About FUN before.”

Heading home, I was still a little Wet Eyes (inna good way) hearing and seeing how Miss Kya was rescued from Dire Straits and has a wonderful happy life with a loving Furever Famly. (I’d love to see that phodo of Miss Kya in the red curly thing.)

Till next time,

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