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Sheila Matthews of AbleChild hosts James O’Keefe of Project Veritas in Vero Beach

The cofounder of national nonprofit organization,, and Vero resident, Sheila Matthews-Gallo was honored to host Author of American Muckraker and Investigative Journalist, James Okeefe, of Project Veritas to a book signing event that was opened to the public with a private dinner that followed at the Palm Room at Sea Oaks Beach and Tennis Club on Thursday, December 1st.
The news of the event spread so quickly across Vero Beach it was filled to capacity with a waiting list within days of the announcement of O’Keefe’s visit to Vero.  O’Keefe was in the midst of a breaking national news story on child trafficking and HHS – Health and Human Services.  He entered the room with his phone hooked to his ear.  As he would go on to describe a day in the life of Project Veritas.
The support was overwhelmingly positive – O’keefe did a presentation on the work of Project Veritas that focused on the dangers and time that was involved in his undercover reporting. James’ personality in the delivery was on point, and very entertaining that the audience was laughing and cheering. Jame O’Keefe individually signed close to 100 books.  Everyone clearly agreed, Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, must come back to Vero Beach.
Please visit Project Veritas and AbleChild to learn more about their not for profit work.
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