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A bullied child’s revenge

Local author, Neil J. McCurry, has just released his second book, Leap Year’s Revenge.  It is a thoughtful and inspiring story about bullying. The timing couldn’t be better with our schools placing an emphasis on anti-bullying campaigns.  Bullying has risen to a new high with the addition of cyber bullying.  Not only are many of our children bullied on a daily basis, but many adults face bullying at work and in social circles.

The story is about Lewis Duncan, a child born one month premature on a Leap Year, during one of Cape Cod’s most significant snowstorms.  Although he had an average birth weight for a full-term infant, his parents quickly noticed many concerning issues with his growth process.  Unfortunately, it seemed town residents and his school recognized this as well.  Lewis started getting bullied at a very young age, and his parent’s protection could only go so far.  His father always told him, “Lewis, use words to defeat the bullies, not your fists.”  Over seventeen years, Lewis had enough and finally took matters into his own hands.  Based upon many actual events of bullying and racism, Lewis attempted to rise from a painful life of doctor appointments, people staring at him, and getting beat up.  He looked different and was cast aside from other children in ‘normal’ society.

The book is now available on Amazon.  Neil hopes to get the book into local libraries and schools. You can also visit for more information about the book and author. 

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