The Source reopens with limited services

Anthony Zorbaugh, Executive Director for The Source. PHOTO BY BRENDA AHEARN


VERO BEACH — The Source reopened its doors Tuesday with limited services after being closed over the weekend because of a COVID-19 outbreak at the ministry.

Executive Director Tony Zorbaugh previously said staff and volunteers tested positive for the virus, though it was unclear how many. The closure came during the resurgence of COVID-19 cases across the country as a result of the Delta variant, which health officials said is more than twice as contagious as previous coronavirus strains.

Zorbaugh said the agency was shifting its staff members so the organization can still provide services for those in need.

Officials with The Source, a local Christian outreach ministry for the homeless and those in need, announced this week the reopening and limited services that will be available. The services are as follows:

Beginning Tuesday, August 31:

  •         Three hot meals for clients will be served from the Dignity Food Truck located in the parking lot of their campus; 8 a.m. breakfast; noon lunch; 4 p.m. dinner and will continue Monday-Friday (media invited to photograph)
  •         Catering will be suspended until further notice
  •         The Food Truck will retain any previous planned engagements, including their usual service from the Hyundai parking lot for Friday lunch
  •         Delivery of meal services will continue to those in need
  •         Mail service will continue as usual
  •         They organization is looking at how to open the Dignity Bus for overnight shelter
  •         Laundry services are temporarily stalled until the installation of new floors in that space is completed (This renovation had begun and was in process until the shutdown occurred)
  •         Shower use is on hold until they can properly plan to clean and disinfect the area for continued use
  •         All other programs will be on hold and assessed on a daily basis
  •         They are hoping to hold a vaccination clinic on site and their Food Truck will offer a free meal from the menu to those who come in and receive their vaccination. (Dates and hours forthcoming)

The Source is located at 1015 Commerce Avenue in Vero Beach. Those who want more information can call Zorbaugh at 717-435-2312.


Earlier story:

VERO BEACH — The Source, a local Christian outreach ministry that serves the poor and homeless, closed over the weekend after staff and volunteers tested positive for COVID-19. Ministry officials said they hope to resume services by mid-week.

“Today was the hardest decision I had to make as the Executive Director of The Source. Unfortunately due to the increase in the COVID outbreak, The Source has decided to suspend all services until further notice,” Executive Director Anthony Zorbaugh said in a statement Thursday posted to the agency’s Facebook page. “The Source has been operating at full capacity since the beginning of the pandemic and while we had to scale back services two weeks ago we just could not continue with the limited resources we have. Please continue to pray for our ministry as well as those who have been affected by COVID-19. Stay tuned and stay safe everyone.”

It was unclear how many staff and volunteers at The Source tested positive for COVID-19. The announcement comes amid a resurgence of cases because of the Delta variant, which health officials said is more than twice as contagious as previous variants of coronavirus.

Services at The Source, which manages the Dignity Bus and Dignity Food Truck for those in need, have been suspended since Friday. Zorbaugh said the agency is shifting staff members around so the ministry will soon again be able to offer the most needed programs.

“We are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated,” Zorbaugh said.

The resurgence in COVID-19 cases also hit schools this week. Beachland Elementary School closed Friday after 23 students and 14 teachers tested positive for the virus, officials said.

The school was expected to reopen Sept. 7.

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