‘This crowd is incredible’ – Cheers ring out at Donald Trump Jr. rally


INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — The crowd did not disappoint Donald Trump Jr. as he spoke at a campaign rally Wednesday on behalf of his father ahead of the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election.

“Were you all aware this was going to be junior (speaking) and not senior?” Trump Jr. joked to the audience as they cheered him on. “This crowd is incredible.”

President Donald Trump’s oldest son spoke to the crowd at a Make America Great Again rally at the Indian River County Fairgrounds. Chants of “four more years” and “USA” could be heard as Trump Jr., State Rep. Randy Fine, State Sen. Debbie Mayfield and U.S. Congressman Michael Waltz spoke on why Trump should remain commander-in-chief for four more years.

“Get out and vote,” Waltz said. Frank Sosta, field coordinator for the Donald Trump Victory Campaign in Vero Beach, said about 3,000 people were in attendance.

Trump’s adviser, Kimberly Guilfoyle, introduced Trump Jr., who took the stage about 7:30 p.m. Some of the key issues attendees wanted Trump Jr. to address were lowering taxes, COVID-19, abortion, more social security funding for the disabled, illegal immigration and more funding for police.

The Trump administration has been criticized over the past few months for its slow response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has took 16,775 lives in Florida, according to the state health department. Despite the heavy criticism, Fine said Trump has “done a phenomenal job of handling the COVID-19 crisis.”

Fine made the statement even as the U.S. saw a surge in cases and as the nationwide death toll climbed to 224,178, reported by the World Health Organization.

Several audience members wore red “MAGA” shirts and hats. One child wore a mask showing Trump’s face.

Trump Jr. targeted Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, calling him “corrupt” in reference to Biden, his son Hunter and their ties to the Chinese government. But, foreign policy experts debunked the claims, saying there was no evidence the Bidens broke any laws.

The Trump administration has also been scrutinized over connections to Russia and concerns over Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Trump remains popular with his base.

Trump Jr. said his father will “preserve the constitution.”

“Re-elect the man who built the greatest economy in America,” Trump Jr. said. Trump Jr., like his father, also targeted mainstream media, calling them “whiny little (expletive).”

Trump’s children have been showing strong support for their father by making several campaign stops. Trump Jr. spoke in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach before making his way down to Vero Beach.

At the end of the rally, Trump Jr. walked down to the crowd. Several people gathered around Trump Jr. as he signed autographs on merchandise.

“Trump will do this for us, so our grandkids can wake up in an America they recognize,” Trump Jr. said.

Several attendees said they could see Trump Jr. following in his father’s footsteps to become president in the future.

“Donald Trump Jr. represents the epitome of the American family,” said Linda Nash, 67, Sebastian. “He’s for all people and a wonderful young man.”

Nash said she is voting for Trump because Trump wants to build more businesses and create equal opportunities for everyone. Nash said Trump is the “heartbeat” of America.

“He says what’s on his mind,” Nash said. Nash said she thought Trump handled COVID-19 the best way he could with the time given.

“No sickness is one person’s fault,” Nash said.

Ray Mello, 67, Sebastian, said he thinks Trump did a great job of sending personal protection equipment to first responders amid the pandemic. Mello is a member of Sebastian Warriors for Trump.

Bob Hughon, 64, Okeechobee, said he supports Trump because Trump will lower tax cuts, stop illegal immigration and bring criminal justice reform.

Several attendees said they think Biden is too old and unfit to be president, though Biden is only three years older than Trump. Grace Britt, Stephanie Buell and Dylan Bean, all 18 and from Vero Beach, said it was exciting for them to vote for their first time this year.

“There’s no greater time,” the teenagers said. “This is an important election. We’ve seen the accomplishments Trump has done. We can finally stand up for what we believe in.”

Photos by Kaila Jones

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