Bonz meets Bugsy, a perky, pizza-loving pooch


If I had only one word to describe Bugsy Corbiciero it’d be – Paws Down, ALL CAPS – “HAPPY!” Bugsy’s a fawn-an-white Boston Terrier with sailboat ears; white sox; a Big Toothy Smile; engaging, slightly smushy liddle nose; an large, wide-set, round-as-saucers black-rimmed eyes that always look Very Intrested In Everything.

When me an my assistant knocked, there weren’t the usual barks, but there was the clickety-click of toenails. When the door opened, Bugsy anna human lady an man were right there to greet us. I introduced myself an my assistant, an Bugsy zipped right up for the Wag-an-Sniff.

“I’m SO HAPPY to meet you, Mr. Bonzo! Me an my Poppi always read your column together. An now I’m gonna ackshully be IN it! This is my Mom an Dad, Lisa an Mario. Come’on in an meet my Poppi an Gramma. This is their house. I’m here free-qwuntly when Mom an Dad are workin’ an stuff. We always have the Best Time. An you know what they say: ‘What happens at Poppi an Gramma’s STAYS at Poppi an Gramma’s.’”

“Ah, yes,” I smiled. “It’s a pleasure to meet you an your famly.” I opened my notebook an Bugsy sniffed it an friffled the pages. “I’d love to hear all about how you got your Forever Famly.”

“Sure! So, I was born (it’ll be three years ago in Feb-you-airy) at a breeder in Lake City called Rucker Run Dog Co. Mom an Dad had just lost Rocky, who was also a Boston Terrier. He was the usual color, black-an-white. Well, Mom wanted another Boston Terrier but whenever she saw a puppy she liked, black-an-white, it’d remind her of Rocky, an she’d get Real Sad all over again. The nice Rucker Run lady would call Mom whenever there was a new litter, but all the puppies made Mom sad. Then my litter came along.

“Well, Mom looked at all of us, ’specially the not-black-an-white pups. Before she decided, the breeder lady called an said all my litter ’cept me had been adopted. She figured it was probly cuz they were all doing their best Adorable Puppy thing when people came to check us out, while I was doing – nothing. Just hangin’ back, watchin,’ all stand-offish.”

“You? Stand-offish? Seriously?”

“I KNOW. I WAS, back then. You’d never know it now though, right?”

“For sure,” I agreed.

“Anyway, finally, when I kept not bein’ adopted, the lady put me On Sale. So, even though I was stand-offish, an picked at my food, Mom saw something in me, so I got adopted. An I am One Lucky Dog, Mr. Bonzo. I have The Best Famly Ever, as you can see! I just love humans, and fellow pets. An,” he leaned in an lowered his voice, “I’m a total Mamma’s Boy. ’Cept when I’m here.”

He ran around to his Mom an Dad an Poppi an Gramma, then to my assistant, being all slurpy an happy. He was pretty irresistible, for sure.

“What was it like, when you first got here?” I queried.

“It was Cool Kibbles! I got my own cozy crate. An yummy kibbles. Right away I met my older brothers, Squiggy an Dexter (aka Fluffy). They’re cats, which was no problem. I mean, it’s all the same to me. An to them, too. Me an Fluff sorta grew up together, an we still like to tumble around a lot. We usta be about the same size, but I’m a liddle bigger now. Squig likes to curl up in my crate with me, on my real comfy bed. Only problem we ever had was them eatin’ my kibbles. I hadda make it clear THAT was NOT gonna happen. I’m happy to share my bed, an toys. But NOT my kibbles. We had a liddle discussion, an now we’re cool.

“One time, onna walk, I accidently stepped in an ant hill an got bit by, like, a zillion of ’em. Mom says I went into SHOCK. I don’t remember, but I got rushed to the vet and got a shot. That was scary. Also when I was still a silly puppy, I kinda chewed up the baseboards. An I alway liked chewin’ leaves, sticks an mulch. My favrite thing to chew is a hand-me-down chew-toy that was Rocky’s.”

Bugsy was chewin’ on it off an on durin’ the innerview. “Woof! That must be one tough chewtoy,” I observed.

“Yeb, id is. Ab-sho-ludely.” He ceased chewing to say, “Guess what? In my neighborhood, I have a leash-walk girl-fren – Daisy – she’s one of those pretty Lhasa Apsos. Me an Dad watch Animal Planet an football. That’s where a buncha large human guys with funny hats tumble around sorta like puppies. I also like to play hide-an-seek in that cool secret space under the TV cabinet. When I’m over here, I mostly hang with Poppi an Gramma. I stay close in case Poppi decides to make a pizza. That’s my FAV-rite Food in the World. I help him make it. An eat it. When I’m watchin’ Poppi make pizza, I use my Laser Stare. He says I speak with my eyes. I guess I do. I’m not much into barkin.’ When I’m here, I also enjoy sittin’ on the back of the couch an watchin’ the ducks out by the pond. An the humans walkin’ by. If there happens to be one of those pesky racoons hangin’ around the grill, I quickly alert Poppi an Gramma. Those raccoons have No Manners Whatsoever.”

“You’re obviously very well-groomed,” I observed. “Do you enjoy baths?”

“Thanks, Mr. Bonzo. Ackshully, I DO like baths. I get ’em in a nice, big deep tub in the garage. An I have this special shampoo from Key West Aloe. It’s Totally Crispy Dog Biscuits!”

Headin’ home, I was smilin,’ picturin’ Bugsy happily roughhousing with his cat brothers; sharin’ pizza with his Poppi an Gramma; snugglin’ with his Mom; an watchin’ football with his Dad. Bugsy’d sure found his perfect Forever Famly.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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