‘Bike Collective’ on a roll after idea sets wheels in motion

Josh Overmiller of Satellite Beach picked up his love of the biking industry while living in the Baltimore area.

“They had a program called velocipede,” said Overmiller, who now oversees the Satellite Beach Bike Collective. “That (program) started around 2005 or 2006 before I moved away.

“They had community tools, like a bike library where people could come in and get their bikes fixed up. Since then it has grown into a big community service organization,” he said. “After talking to a few people here in the recreation department, I decided it would be great to set something up here like that.”

Satellite Beach seemed an ideal locale to replicate the Maryland program.

“It’s a great place to ride a bike and I figured the more people that are on two wheels, the more we can promote the sport,’’ Overmiller said.

The Satellite Beach Bike Collective helps cyclists learn how to repair their bikes and build a bike, plus the perk of talking about all things bicycling with fellow enthusiasts. The Satellite Beach Recreation Department provided funding and space to give the program a try. The group now meets from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month at the D.R. Schechter Community Center. Overmiller’s wife, Brittany, is on the Satellite Beach Recreation Board.

Grant Dormstead of Indian Harbour Beach played a role in getting the group started, along with Todd Wayne of Bob’s Bicycles in Indian Harbor Beach. Scott Grimm and Kris Reid, both of Satellite, have also joined in and helped the group grow.

“Our main goal is a healthy lifestyle and people on two wheels,” Overmiller said. “We figure there are enough people with two wheels rusting in the garage. We try to help them get their bikes fixed up and get them on two wheels, or if they don’t care, get them to donate them.’’

The group has a Facebook account (@sattybbc), and Josh can also be reached at sattybbc@gmail.com.

Others share in the enthusiasm.

“I think this (area) could be like Bike City USA,” Grimm said. “You are perfectly placed. I like it with my kids, I just want to get more people involved.’’

Reid is the chairman of the Satellite Sustainability Board.

There is a current project being planned up and down the east coast of Florida. The hope is to include other portions of Brevard as well.

About a year ago they started a monthly bike ride of about 5 miles and from there have been able to develop the biking idea. Wayne agrees Satellite’s area is growing. “This is a local community effort and that’s the one I see catching on,’’ Wayne said.

About 10 people have already offered donations, with approximately 30 bikes given for repairs and redistributed to those who are interested.

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