State archaeologist: Bones found at construction site not Native American


INDIAN RIVER SHORES — A state archaeologist who examined bones found at a construction site in June determined the bones were not of Native American descent, contradicting previous reports, officials said.

Dr. Kathryn Miyar, Archaeology Collections Supervisor for Florida Department of State, inspected the remains this week at the Medical Examiner’s Office in Fort Pierce, Indian River Shores Public Safety Director Rich Rosell said. Miyrar told officers the remains were not Native American and that she believed the skeleton was about 75 years old.

Miyrar told police the state will no longer be involved in the case. Medical examiners will continue to conduct age testing on the remains, Rosell said.

The bones were discovered June 5 at a construction site, Blue at 8050 Ocean Drive, in Indian River Shores. The remains were then reported to law enforcement.

The bones were excavated by detectives and crime scene technicians, analyzed by medical examiners, then by anthropologists from the University of Florida. There was no evidence to depict the person was a victim of a crime, Rosell said.

On Sept. 20, University of Florida’s archaeology team went to the construction site to dig for more clues. The site developer, Yane Zana, is continuing construction of his luxury condo community, except for the immediate area where the bones were found, which is closed off, Rosell said.

Rosell said medical examiners now have jurisdiction over the site. Rosell said officers will stay in contact with medical examiners to get updates on their findings regarding the bones.

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