‘Power’ brunch: Impact 100 kicks off second decade

“Today is a big day for us. We kick off our year and mark the beginning of our second decade,” said Denise Battaglini, Impact 100 board president, welcoming everyone to the 11th annual Impact 100 Membership Kickoff Brunch last Wednesday morning at the Oak Harbor Club.

She noted that Impact 100 has funded more than $3.8 million in programs that have fundamentally changed our community through individual member contributions of $1,000 per year. Contributions are combined into increments of $100,000 – the number of grants determined by the number of members – and collectively voted on to fund transformational, high-impact programs.

“This year, we will focus on the impact of Impact, the ways in which we individually and collectively experience the power of group philanthropy,” said Battaglini, before screening an ‘Impact of Impact’ video underwritten by Dace Stubbs.

Inspirational guest speaker Carrie Morgridge shared a little about her entrée into philanthropy. Although once so cash-strapped that she couldn’t afford 25 cents for a newspaper, she is now a philanthropy maven. She and husband John founded the Morgridge Family Foundation (funded by $10 million annual contributions from her in-laws’ John P. and Tashia Morgridge’s TOSA Foundation), which just celebrated giving away its $100 millionth dollar.

Morgridge said that when it comes to successfully leveraging contributions, the Impact 100 model is one that works, adding that the Indian River Impact 100 is the role model for the future of the country.

Morgridge has joined as a member of every one of the 46 Impact 100 chapters that currently exist, and said that 50 cities are eager to come on board next year. She added that Impact founder Wendy Steele is working on a strategic plan that by June 2019 will expand those 50 cities even further.

“This is the only organization in America that empowers women,” said Morgridge. “Let’s reach 500 cities in the next five years. It can be done if we do it right, but we’re better together.”

“We are able to do this work each year because of your collective generosity,” said Amy Acker, president-elect, thanking all those involved for their participation. “The impact of Impact does not happen without you. You are its heart, spirit and strength, and as Carrie reminded us, this model works, so thank you. This year we will exceed $4 million in transformational grants given to local nonprofits. Be a part of the team that helps us meet this great milestone.”

For more information, visit impact100ir.com.     

Photos by: Denise Ritchie
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