Mold discovered in MelBeach fire house

Melbourne Beach officials have discovered mold in the town’s fire station, a problem revealed during Hurricane Irma in September.

Water inside the station’s bay became visible, leading building officials to trace how the water got in. The culprit was a cupola at the top of the building. According to Town Manager Bob Daniels, windows at the top of the structure were ornamental and not designed for heavy weather.

The current fire station was completed in 2004, according to Fire Chief Dave Micka. That same year the Space Coast was impacted by two hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne. They struck in September less than three weeks apart. “When it’s raining sideways, water is going to get into the building,” Micka added.

The mold problem surfaced during Daniels’ first or second week as the town manager. He was touring town buildings, including the fire station. That’s when he saw the boards with water stains and dark spots.

“I was doing an inspection of the town’s facilities,” Daniels recalled. “As soon as I saw it we contacted FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). They’re coming in next week for another inspection.” Daniels noted that the ornamental cupola could have stood “better workmanship.” He didn’t say whether the town would address the issue with the builder.

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