Attempted burglary reported in Vero Beach

Attempted burglary

VERO BEACH — Deputies are investigating an attempted burglary where three unknown suspects tried to pry open a window to a home.

Deputies responded to the scene shortly after 3 a.m. Wednesday to the home in the 1600 block of 3rd Court Southwest, Vero Beach. They walked to the west side of the home and found hurricane shutters laying on the floor underneath the window and the window screen laying next to it.

The wingnuts to the shutters had been taken off and there was a pry mark under the window, deputies said. Deputies also found a ratchet set leaning against the home under the window.

Sheriff’s dispatch contacted the homeowner, who arrived on scene minutes later. The owner and the deputies went inside the home and found no suspects.

Then, the owner showed deputies surveillance footage which shows three men enter the outside of the home. One of the men turned the first camera around in order to hide their identities, deputies said.

Then, the three men tried to open the window with a pry tool, but it was locked. The alarm went off and all three men took off running.

The first man is described as black who had a white towel around his head and face and an oven mitt on his right hand. The second man is described as Hispanic with dark short hair with a tattoo on his neck and chest.

The third man is described as either white or Hispanic who wore a camouflage Underarmour hat.

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