5 mom-tested tricks for coping with colds

(BPT) – Every mother knows colds can make life miserable for everyone in the house. When a coughing child can’t sleep, parents don’t either. Lack of sleep makes it harder to fight the cold, and leaves Mom and Dad more likely to get sick too. The risks don’t stop with warm weather either; few things are as unhappy as a kid (or parent) with a cold in the spring time!

Fortunately, generations of mothers have found ways to cope with colds and coughs. Lifestyle experts Nicole Feliciano, Stephanie Caruso and Tesa Nicolanti offer five of their go-to tips to help modern moms make their little ones — and themselves — feel better:

1. Comfort a cough for better rest

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Caruso, of Elle Olive & Co.

What’s the most annoying part of being sick? For Nicole Feliciano of MomTrends, it’s the cough. According to the Attitudes of Consumers Toward Health, Cough and Cold (ACHOO) survey by the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center, a cough is one of the most common cold symptoms, lasts the longest and bothers people the most. The solution? Generations of mothers have soothed away coughs at bedtime by gently rubbing three fingers’ worth of Vicks VapoRub on their child’s chest and throat. The good news is it starts working instantly to relieve the cough. Bonus: the vapors last for up to eight hours! Remember, a rested kid is a happy kid.

2. Quench the cold

Proper hydration is always important, but it is especially important when children are sick. Dehydration can happen quickly if kids feel too yucky to eat or drink normally, and kids may not be enthusiastic about drinking water when they’re sick. Encourage children to stay hydrated by making ice pops from fruit juice.

3. Get steamed

This is a favorite tip from Stephanie Caruso of Elle Olive & Co. When your kids are sick and feeling stuffy, adding moisture to the air can help ease breathing and soothe stuffy noses. The steam from a hot shower can relieve symptoms and a humidifier can make the bedroom more comfortable.

4. An ounce of prevention…

…really is worth a pound of cure! When your child catches a cold, your chances of getting one increase, so step up your germ prevention efforts. Tesa Nicolanti of 2 Wired 2 Tired recommends teaching your child to cough in her elbow, using a tissue to capture every sneeze and disposing of used tissues in the trash right away. Wash your hands before and after interacting with anyone who’s sick, or when you touch items that may be carrying germs, like bedding and that wastebasket full of used tissues. Use disinfecting wipes on doorknobs, faucets and other hard surfaces where germs can linger.

5. Take care of yourself too

It’s difficult to think of yourself when you’re focused on your sick child, but it’s important to take care of the home’s caregiver too. Try to get a full night’s sleep, stay hydrated and eat regular, nutritious meals. If you do catch your child’s cold, you’ll likely feel 10 to 100 times worse than he does, but you can use the same tactics to relieve your symptoms. Apply Vicks VapoRub before your bedtime to help soothe your own cough so you can get the rest you need for a speedy recovery.

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