Bari Ann Cochrane, 44, Vero Beach

Bari Anne Cochrane, 44, of Vero Beach passed away Aug. 15, 2016.

She is survived by her husband Wallace Stanley Corcrane III, otherwise known as “Bubbie”.

Her husband writes:

“Bari packed a lifetime of adventure in her short 44 years of life. From cruising to the Bahamas to criss crossing Florida and Georgia living in hotels like gypsies. There was always more people to meet and help and new places to see. It was our first marriage, 17 years proud. We both were fans of the 1980’s hair bands. Between Miami and Royal Palm Beach we saw Poison 15 times, Cinderella 3 times, Warrant twice, Great White twice, Slaughter twice. (She grabbed Mark Slaughter). We met and saw Kip Winger and Winger, we saw Quiet Riot and saw and met the Nelson twins (Matthew and Gunnar). One of our regrets is missing White Lion.

By sleeping on the floor for five years and giving Bari the bed this gave us extra money to do stuff.

Bari had a passion for politi[s] and causes. We met Matt Damon and Brad Garrett. Another one of our favorite causes was Americorp, where we volunteered with the inner city youth. We were also passionate about the Innocence Project and Amnesty International.

She cared about the less fortunate. Her and I would feed the poor and homeless with Arts and Compassion, Westgate Tabernacle and Food Not Bombs, in West Palm Beach. In Fort Pierce we lived in a “homeless hotel” where all of our rent money went to the homeless ministry. One time in Melbourne we saw two homeless guys sitting by a 7-11. We gave them $2 each. Then Bari, being the big-hearted person she was said, “Do you two have enough money?” They responded “Enough’s enough.” Now that was a good one.

One time we almost got arrested for feeding people with a church group in downtown West Palm Beach. The police were a few feet away awaiting the order to go in for violating the local ordinance. The Mayor called and said wait for the appeal to be heard in court. We won the appeal.

Bari and I used to do neighborhood cleanups. We also got involved in neighborhood meetings. We briefly got involved in Occupy Wall Street. We went to peace marches and hung out with returning veterans to protest the Iraq war. In the process we met Dennis Kucinich, Congressman from Ohio. We enjoyed our time with the Green Party in Lake Worth.

Bari also had a love for children and animals. We had a favorite cat named Ty. We used to joke he had multiple personalities. She miscarried twins, she said it was one of the worst times of her life. She always wanted to adopt or be a foster parent.

She was deeply loved by so many and will be dearly missed. A friend said we were a great example of what a good marriage should be. We met a lot of local DJ’s and reporters. We went to Marlins and Dolphin games. In addition, we went to Dolphin training camp and met a bunch of players and cheerleaders. We have around 10 photo albums and DVD slide shows commemorating all of the adventures. I love you, Bari. You’re forever in my heart, Love, “Bubbie.”

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