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BONZ: Bailee meets and greets, and she’s oh, so sweet

No matter how many times I hear the stories, I’m always amazed the way Dog Fate brings just the right humans together with just the right pooches. No Woof! It’s the doggonedest thing!

This week’s interviewee is a good example. I met Bailee Chandler at her workplace. Her Mom has special shoes and other things that help humans’ feet to not hurt. (I always thought if they had two more feet, like us pooches, it’d be much easier for ‘em. I don’t know how they can even balance on just two.)

Anyway, Bailee’s the Official Powell Shoes Greeter and Attitude Adjustment Specialist. So, soon as me and my assistant walked into the office, there she was, pretty, ginger-colored short hair, amber eyes, white sox and bib, looked sorta Labrador-y, and came right up for the Wag-and-Sniff.

“Welcome, Mr. Bonzo. Come meet my Mommy, Althea.” She led us upstairs to the office.

“So, tell me how you found your forever family,” I said, pencil poised.

“It was seven years ago. I was just a teeny puppy: Me and my brother were dropped off somewhere, we didn’t know where we were. There were lots of cars and scary trucks driving around. Mommy said later it was a Truck Stop and that we’d been uh-BAN-dunned. That means your humans go away and leave you alone and don’t come back.”

I shook my head, thinking about how often that happens to us pooches. Cats, too. I don’t understand it.

“Well,” Bailee continued, “somehow we got saved by some humans from that animal rescue place in Sebastian – H.A.L.O., Thank Lassie! Meanwhile, my Mommy had been trying to figure out something really different to get for my Daddy, Robert, for a birthday surprise, so she went to H.A.L.O. And there we were. We were sorta shy but we tried to be all friendly and cute and stuff, lots of wiggling and licking and squeaky puppy noises. Mom picked ME. My brother got a good home, too.

“And here’s the really Cool Kibbles part: Mommy and Daddy went to Subway and she gave him his Big Birthday Surprise: a cake – and ME! WELL, the second he saw me he got So Happy he picked me up and started talkin’ to me and cuddlin’ me and then he got up to take me home to play. Mommy said, ‘Wait! There’s still Cake!’ But Daddy was really excited, so off we went. Mommy was excited, too, ‘cuz her surprise was a success. And Daddy got to eat the cake later.”

“That’s a great story, Bailee!” I told her. “So what’s your day like?”

“It’s pawsome, Mr. Bonzo. I work here greeting clients and helping ‘em relax, if they’re stressed. One time, a man was getting special shoes cuz he had Di-Uh-Beedees and he went into what Mommy called Di-Uh-Bed-ick Shock. I could tell something was wrong, so I licked his hand and stayed with him ‘til Mommy got help.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “Whaddaya do for fun?”

“We go to the doggie beach in St. Lucie County. I play in the water and socialize with the Humans. I love playing in the hose, too. Daddy sprays the water and I gallop around trying to catch it. And I swim with my big sister Jasmine. But I don’t like Baths. Or Rain. It freaks me out. I start shaking and whimpering. So Mommy puts my special pink, long-sleeve hoodie on me and I feel Much Better. It’s like a soft, pink Hug.

“Dolly’s my beach buddy, she’s a Schnoodle. And my neighbor, Shea. And Jasmine, of course. She’s a cheerleader (they do lotsa jumping up and down and yelling) and sometimes she dresses me up like a cheerleader!

“I’m also a Big Chicago Bears fan. And I just love NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of my Most Admired Humans. I watch the races with Mommy. And I know how to sit and to put my paw up to get into my harness. I have tons of stuffed toys, and a nice backyard to play in, but I’m not into roughhousing. I’m all about snuggling and smooching. I guess I’m a Girly-Girl. I love All Things Cushioned. I used to sleep in bed with Mommy and Daddy, but I got too big. Anyway, my own bed is Very Fluffy, and I have a Special Soft Puppy Pillow.”

“Travel much?” I inquired.

“I like riding in the car. When Mommy and Daddy go away, I get boarded at Courtney’s place, which is ackshully pretty nice. But I’d rather have Mommy and Daddy here all the time. I cry whenever they go away. I don’t like to be left alone. I guess it’s from back when we were uh-BAN-dunned. I can’t be left out in the house when Mommy and Daddy are at work cuz I Tear Stuff Up due to Separation Anxiety. So, when I’m not working, I get in my big crate with my fluffy blankets, pillow and toys. It’s super comfy. But I just love my family, ya know?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“And the Best Part is, after a long day, when I’m all pooped, I can snuggle with Mommy and Daddy and go to sleep, cuz I know they’ll always be there when I wake up!”

Heading home, I had to smile, picturing Bailee snoozing in her pink hoodie, with her head on her Special Fluffy Pillow.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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