Your Wheels: How to protect your vehicle in the storm

You know to protect your family and home. But do you know how to protect your vehicle during a hurricane? offers the following advice on how to keep your wheels running during and after a hurricane:

Decide whether or not you’re going to evacuate. If you stay, the best thing you can do is move your car further inland, and to higher ground. Find a place out of reach of floodwaters to store your car for the storm.

Keep your car covered. The electrical wiring can be corroded quickly by salt water damage, and if water gets into your engine, you may find yourself with a huge mess on your hands. If possible, put your vehicles in the garage. If that’s not an option, make sure the car is away from anything that might fall on it during a storm – telephone poles, tree limbs, signs, among other objects.

Remove exterior items that aren’t permanent. If you have extra antennas, magnetic signs or any other car accessory that is only mounted temporarily, remove them. Hurricane force winds can rip them from the car, and turn them into deadly projectiles.

Keep gas in your car. This way, when the hurricane is over, if you have to leave you’ll be able to do so safely. In the aftermath of a hurricane, you may have trouble buying gas due to power outages, so keeping a full tank will prevent you from getting stranded in a disaster zone.

When the storm has passed, check the vehicle to see if there is any damage. Take photos in case you have to file an insurance claim, and consider having a mechanic look over the vehicle just to make sure all the internal components still work properly.

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