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RANDOM PIXELS: I finally killed a camera!

Almost all the photographers I know have killed at least one camera. It finally happened to me, after a good run of 17 years.

When I was wade fishing, and the fish weren’t biting, I’d take photos. And the waders I was wearing had a nice pocket at the top inside, protected from the water, or so I thought. I’m thankful it wasn’t one of my professional cameras. 

As my waders got old and developed some holes, they took on water. I didn’t care, I was fishing!

When I got back to the car, I’d always have to dump the water out. Well, the pocket in which I had the little point-and-shoot camera was not waterproof.

It got drenched… I tried to bury it in rice, nothing worked.

So, I have another one for the shelf.

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