Painter returns to Lighthouse Gallery for 2nd consecutive exhibit

VERO BEACH — “Red is the color of new beginnings!” so exclaimed the artist Lisa Jill Allison. “Red is excitement, red is love and red is the most emotional color of all!”

“RED” is the title of her new show at the Lighthouse Gallery running through the month of January.

Allison, who has been exhibiting her series of birch tree paintings titled “Nostalgia” in the gallery all this month, is excited to be doing back to back presentations of her work.

“Lisa Jill Allison is probably our most prolific and certainly our most successful artist in terms of sales” says Barry Shapiro, owner of Lighthouse Art and Framing. “So it was a bit of karma that she came to me and asked for the next available exhibit time. It just so happened that our January artist had to pull out of his commitment at the last moment and we were scrambling to fill the slot when Lisa called. The reaction to her December show has been fantastic but she had an entirely new series of paintings she wished to premiere and hoped she could get in sooner than later. It was serendipitous that on the day she called we were calling other artists to try to re-arrange the schedule.”

“RED” expands upon the work that Allison has been processing throughout 2014 and segues beautifully into the New Year. “I believe that RED represents many things” says Allison, “including that energy that one needs to break through to the next level of achievement. With this next phase of my work I feel I’m making that breakthrough.”

Allison has had several breakthroughs in the last couple of years. Last year she moved her studio from her home in Stuart to the Art Mundo Building in Fort Pierce. The combination of having expanded space to work and the energy of her fellow artists to feed off of has led to larger canvases, a more focused approach and the development of her own style that seems to appeal to a wide range of artistic tastes.

She has also expanded her reach to collectors by exhibiting in galleries as far as St. Augustine and Miami. But it is at Lighthouse in Vero Beach where she seems to have carved out a home.

RED will be her fifth show here since the gallery opened almost five years ago. For Shapiro, it is only the beginning. “She’s evolving and we want to make that journey with her. She’s certainly one of the most exciting artists around and she continues to amaze us with her skill.”

Lisa Jill Allison’s RED will be on display through the month of January.

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