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BONZ: Bonzo meets Frodo, a Spaniel like himself

Hi, Pet Buddies! This week I interviewed Frodo Ewing, a dog after my own heart. He lives in Sebastian with his human Laurie and little pooch sister Honey.

He’s a Spaniel, like me. Well, I’m a Springer, and he’s a Cocker, but (I looked this up) back in the 19th Century, we were all the same breed – Spaniels – just different sizes.

As we pulled into the driveway, the curtains moved and we could see noses smushed against the window. There was lots of barking when we knocked.

WELL – the door opened and a black and white curly-haired spaniel came up for a wag-and-sniff. He had the biggest, fluffiest paws I ever saw. I mean ever. And, no woof, his fur was polka-dotted! He had polka-dotted feet and knee sox, and a polka-dotted ruff! I never saw anything like it.

“Welcome Mr. Bonzo,” he said.

Suddenly a tan-colored dog galloped up and leaped on my assistant, wagging and slurping and all very excited.

“For Lassie’s sake, Honey, don’t jump up! It’s not polite! You KNOW better! Mr. Bonzo will think we don’t have any MANners,” Frodo said.

We edged our way into the living room, with Honey bouncing against my assistant, and their mom saying “Down, Honey! I MEAN it! Down! Down!”

Honey settled for a few friendly nose bumps until we sat down, then she decided she was a lap dog. She and my assistant tumbled back against the sofa cushions, my assistant laughing and friffling Honey’s head.

Frodo’s legs were short for his round body and he wobbled when he walked. His paws looked like fluffy snowshoes. As soon as he stepped off the throw rug onto the tile floor, he started sliding. His nails clicked on the tile as he skidded from rug to rug.

“Listen here, you nutty pupster,” said Frodo. “This is MY interview and you better behave or you won’t even get close to your afternoon carrot, I promise!”

That seemed to do the trick. Honey sat. Frodo picked up a yummy-looking chewy treat and began to munch it.

Now, then,” Frodo said, around the treat, “About ME! I was born in a New Jersey kennel 14 years ago. A lady bought me and I was all happy – for one day. Then she decided she didn’t want me after all and called a rescue group in Rockland County New York.”

“Wow,” I said. “That was harsh!”

“My Forever Mom was volunteering with the rescue group, and she got the call. She was gonna keep me overnight, then take me to the shelter. But I was an extremely adorable little pupster. She fell in love with me, and here I am.”

“When did you come to Florida?” I inquired.

“Eleven years ago. We have a nice back yard for pottying and playing and chasing squirrels. We can sleep on Mom’s bed and, when Mom’s at work, Honey’s in her own big room, and I get the rest of the house. Our groomer comes every six weeks.”

“Sweet!” I said.

“Totes! To tell you the truth, we rule the roost. We have Mom trained really well. We get treats before and after we go out to potty, and lots of other times, too, for no reason. If I chew up my treat, I just keep barking till Mom gets me another one. Chewing treats is my favorite thing to do. I live for it. Mom is really firm about one thing, though. Baths. We don’t like ‘em at all but she does it anyway. But, after that, we get lots of treats. Anyhow, I can’t run around like I used to because I have ISSUES with my hind legs.”

I had noticed he walked sort of funny. “What’s the problem?”

“I’m thinking arthritis. Got so bad I couldn’t use my hind legs at all. Finally, mom took me to a chiropractor.”

“Are you woofin’ me?” I said.

“No, really. Dr. Bartcus, in Vero. He does people stuff during the day, and dog stuff at night. It only took a couple of sessions and I felt much better.”

”Amazing. How do you and Honey get along? You seem so different.”

“True. I’m a pretty laid-back pooch. At first, Honey was a pain in my tail. But now we’re cool. I protect her from those goofballs at the park and she doesn’t jump on me anymore. Or eat my food. We’re a happy family.”

“Great woofing with you,” I told him, getting up to leave.

“My pleasure Bonzo,” he said, and settled back down with his chew.

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