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BONZ: Pembroke Welsh Corgis learn all about their ‘real’ estate

Every time my human and I walk past a little sign in someone’s yard, she says we live in a hot real estate market. And she’s right. When it gets hot, I start seeing more and more of those signs. Turns out it’s because families want to settle the kids in before school starts.

That means there’s dogs to settle in too. Take my friend Glenda. She’s a champion Pembroke Welsh Corgi, one of a whole clan of Corgis that live with Debbie Shindle and her husband John. Debbie is one of the top Corgi breeders in the world – her Deidre made history as the first visiting Corgi to win at Crufts, the British dog show.

Her daughter Glenda became a mother for the first time last month, and her seven puppies needed her full focus.

So when I saw a moving van at the Shindles last week, I barked like a full-on lunatic. I don’t care how real her estate is, I don’t want them to move away! Kennels, fencing, baby gates. Then came three of the corgis, Deidre, Gigi, and Avery. They jumped right into Deb’s van like they were going on vacation. Apparently nobody told them they weren’t ever going to see their house again, never mind the hedges and hydrants, and all their dog friends’ signature scents.

My human saw me getting sadder and sadder. She explained to me how the same thing happened to her when her family moved to Vero. She took along a book called a high school yearbook, so that whenever she missed her friends, she could look them up to remember.

I put my nose up to her book. All I could smell was paper. I guess for it to be a yourbook, it has to be full of your friends.

She said she would take some pictures of the Corgis with her iPhone so I could have a yourbook too.

I watched her go over to Debbie’s van, just as Debbie walked out with Glenda and a big box full of her puppies. Debbie said it was a whelping box, with all the puppies’ scents in it so Glenda wouldn’t worry they’d left one behind.

My human took lots of pictures. And when she came home, she had good news. The Shindles weren’t moving far away. They were only moving to the Wabasso Causeway! Turns out, I can go see the Shindle corgis just as soon as those puppies are old enough.

That’s a good thing. I didn’t want to tell my human, but her iPhone is useless. I sniffed and sniffed, but there wasn’t a trace of the corgis. When I go visit the Shindles, we’re going to all have a good chew on that iPhone. Then maybe I’ll have something on it to remember.

Till next time,

The Bonz

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