Student Safety – What to do about bullying

What should you do if you are bullied?

If you are being bullied during the school day, at a school event, at an after school program, or on the bus, report it to a school administrator who can take action.

Remember: NO – GO – TELL

  • NO: Tell the person to stop or you can say to yourself, “No, I won’t allow this person to make fun of me, tease me, or bully me.”
  • GO: Walk away calmly, tell the bully to stop or say nothing, don’t fight back, find a friend to walk away with you. Try not to show anger or fear. Students who bully like to see that they can upset you.
  • TELL: Tell your teacher, school counselor, or an administrator if you are being bullied at school. Telling is not tattling. Write down, (or ask someone to write down for you), what happened, where it happened and when, and who bullied you. Remember you can always tell you parents or guardians.
  • Report the incident: To an adult In writing or Anonymously (put in the “Comments” box in the school office)

If bullying occurs after school hours, notify your SRO or report it to your local enforcement officer.

If you witness bullying, you should:

  • Refuse to join in.
  • Never fight a bully.
  • Get others to help you speak out against the bully.
  • Distract the bully.
  • Report all bullying to administration.

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