Jeaninne Honstein “Ways of Seeing” exhibit at Lighthouse Gallery

VERO BEACH — As a young girl, Jeaninne Honstein watched her mother paint, and she instinctively understood her calling as an artist. With a particular interest in oils, Honstein honed her artistic skills while studying engineering at the University of Vermont.

Her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering has trained her to be an analytical and detail oriented observer. This highly disciplined technical eye is reflective in the preciseness of her paintings.

After raising a family, Honstein returned to her art studies and apprenticed under master painter Gregory Perkel for seven years.

Now a part time resident of Vero Beach, Honstein is currently concentrating on creating a cohesive series of themed works.

Her current exhibit, “Ways of Seeing,” is centered on the modern woman. Her works offer an approachable view of the contemporary female form. Honstein’s compositions mimic popular print advertising, yet her models are far more accessible versions of the Hollywood archetype.

Honstein chooses to ignore idealistic body images, and instead artfully renders women with believable proportions. As a result, “Ways of Seeing” exemplifies the beauty of the raw and fresh women of everyday life.

“Ways of Seeing” is on view in the Lighthouse Gallery through the month of March.

Lighthouse Art and Framing is located at 1875 14th Ave. in Vero Beach.

For more information, please contact Megan Hoots at (772) 567-2212 or by email at   

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