HABITAT: If it’s 5 p.m., it must be . . . . . . RAINING!

Not exactly a News Flash, this being Florida’s Hurricane Season and all. Still, it’s interesting how On Schedule the afternoon weather patterns are – especially noticeable for all us 9 to 5 folks. 4:50 or so, thunder rumbles, wind freshens. Then, around 4:59, (OK, I know YOU don’t even move till 5:01 at least) grab your stuff, head out the door.

And down it comes. IF you have your umbrella, it might hold off till you get to your car. If, on the other hand, you have left your umbrella IN your car, you’ll probably get nailed right out of the gate. Or so it seems.

Indian River Habitat is fortunate in many, many ways, with dedicated volunteers, generous donors and sponsors and a staff that values teamwork and is mission-focused. Our various partnerships are another big blessing for us: the businesses, organizations and other non-profits with which we, from time to time, partner for mutual benefit. Recent examples: Teams from Target and Sears have volunteered in our Home Center ReStore, bringing not only their retail skills but also tons of energy and enthusiasm.

The Home Center also partners with PODS, the moving and storage biz with those cool containers. They’ve given us transportation and storage support in recent months which helps greatly with the large donations we have been getting from major business remodeling projects. And those are only a few examples. SO much more can be achieved through partnerships and collaborations than going it alone. (Photo: Volunteers Michele Carvell from Sears and “SonBird” Antoinette Miller have a heart for Habitat.)

The next Habitat Cracker Hoedown is really taking off! Pardon the pun (details to follow). Next March 2, for the first time, we’ll have our Hoedown in the Sun Aviation Hangar, a HUGE space which, over the years, the generous Sun Aviation folks have made available to lots of non-profit functions. We’re totally looking forward to our new digs and Sun Aviation and I KNOW you will be there, right? On the outside change you haven’t been to one of our Hoedowns, you really should make plans to GET ON YOUR YEEEEHAW, dust off those boots and hat and join us.

Have a good one.

And hydrate.

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