EATS: I’m not the only foodie in this place

Hubby and I enjoy food – not to the point of excess, mind you – but we do take pleasure in a well-cooked meal of flavorful ingredients and tantalizing aromas. Apparently, we’re not the only ones in our home who enjoys a taste of “human” food.

Sneakers, our 15-year-old Persian, is what we affectionately call a “food monkey.” We no sooner step foot in the kitchen and there he is, looking up at us with huge golden eyes (think Puss-in-Boots from the Shrek movies) begging for food.

He eats his canned and dry food without hesitation but it’s human food he really wants.

Case in point – when I woke up this morning and sat down at my computer to get started on work, I heard him licking – but it wasn’t the usual licking sound associated with a morning bath.

I looked over and saw him standing over something. My eyes still blurry from sleep, it took me a few moments to process what it was.

A rib from Keith’s leftovers from the night before!

How Sneakers came to be in possession of the rib bone remains a mystery. The trash can was still in its upright and closed position and Keith claims he didn’t leave the rib remains sitting out anywhere that Sneakers could have gotten it.


Turns out he’s just as much a fan as we are of the ribs from Marsh Landing in Fellsmere!

If only his food attraction was limited to such a narrow item. But alas, he loves anything dairy – cream cheese, sour cream, ice cream, sliced or shredded cheese – and even bread! Found that out when he started pawing at me while I was eating a roast beef sandwich.

Mistakenly, I thought he wanted the meat. No go – he sniffed the meat and took a step or two back. Then he started pawing again. So I pinched a piece of bread – sans crust – and held it out to him.

Who knew? Whole wheat bread!

Silly food monkey.

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