launches Version 2.0

After nearly two years of, we have decided now is the time to unveil Version 2.0 – a revamped website aimed at improving the reader experience.

As our publisher, Milton Benjamin, said, this is not simply change for change’s sake. Instead, it was born from necessity.

Those who have been frequent visitors to our old site have occasionally experienced website outages for extended periods of time – a result of our growing audience. It is our expectation that under our new system, outages will be something our readers will never again have to deal with.

We are moving our site from one firm to another, TownNews, which has experience building and serving newspaper websites. In fact, will join more than 1,500 other such supported sites.

We hope our readers will settle in quickly with our new website. Though it has a spruced up look and feel, we did our best to not tamper with the core design.

In short, we have better navigation and search, more story-telling tools, a way for readers to join the conversation and share their news, and something we’ve never been able to offer before – crossword and sudoku puzzles!

Check it all out and let us know what you think.

We just ask for one favor from you – our readers. Please have patience as we continue to tweak the site during the next few weeks. We are still moving portions of our old site into our new and it will take some time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions for the new site. If something isn’t working or displaying correctly, let us know – just be sure to tell us what web browser you’re using.

Take care,

Debbie Carson

Online Editor

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