Dogs For Life graduates 2 service dogs to help mobility, hearing

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY – Dogs For Life has graduated two service dogs through its training program to help with mobility and hearing.

Sissy Girl is now certified to assist her human, Fred Jones, with getting around – she can tap an elevator button, as well as an automatic door open button, and can pull Jones’s wheelchair when needed.

Daisy has been certified to help her human, Joan, by alerting Joan when someone comes to the door or when the alarm clock, stove or dryer timer sound. She can also fetch Joan’s husband, Al, as needed.

Dogs For Life celebrated the training achievements at its dog park on 12th Street, near Vero Beach Elementary School.

Both Sissy Girl and Daisy are expected to continue with their training. Sissy will be taught to tap a special 911 emergency phone, and Daisy will be trained to alert to smoke alarms.

Both of these teams have exceeded the required sixty hours of training (public and in-home) under the supervision of program trainers.

“Dogs For Life is proud to add them to the Dogs For Life, Inc. family of 15 certified service and hearing dog teams in Vero Beach and Indian River County,” said Shelly Ferger, Executive Director.

Anyone who could benefit from Dogs For Life services is encouraged to contact the office by calling (772) 567-8969 or emailing or visiting

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