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E-FIT: Must stretch schedule to make time for yoga

One of the benefits to working from home is that, in between phone calls and filing articles, I could turn on the Wii and do a little workout.

Recently, I’ve not made it a priority and haven’t taken the time. Though I know I should.

You ever get that way? So bogged down with life’s nitty-gritty that you don’t take the time to take care of yourself?

I spend the vast majority of time sitting – be it at the kitchen table conducting interviews via the phone or on the sofa typing the articles on my laptop.

When not working from home – I’m sitting at the office or at one of a score of community meetings I cover.

By the end of the day, I feel scrunched.

I know I should stretch – move around more – do yoga.

A few Warrior poses, a Sun Salutation, a Chair and a Palm Tree could be just the thing I need mid-day to stretch out the spine and relax my neck and shoulders.

If only I could work it into my routine…

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