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Surfing the airwaves on the way to work  can turn up some really strange factoids. Here’s one that had me shivering for a long time.

Some scientific study or other has determined that there are, like, a gazillion insects sharing the planet with us, which, they graciously calculated,  boils down to 200 million for each and every one of us. Thanks for sharing, guys.

Oh for corn sakes! I still get the willies when I think of that scene from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”  – you know the one, right?

I’ve shared more than I want to already with my fellow creatures of the multi-legged variety, at picnics, on windowsills, dark corners of garages and, of course, in The Wilderness.

Do people really eat chocolate-covered ants and grasshoppers? Or is that, I hope, just a suburban legend? On another, insect-free, note: I’m looking forward to sharing a Habitat build with a bunch of other moms, daughters, sisters, etc. – part of the International Women Build Week project we’re doing up in Fellsmere at our Grace Meadows Community this coming Saturday.

We’ll put up siding all morning, then probably stick around to share dedication ceremonies for two neighbors, whose homes are completed and who will be receiving their  very own front door keys.

It is always a touching experience as the new homeowners, the volunteers and house sponsors get together for the beginning of a new life for another new Habitat family.

Have a good one.

Sam Baita, Public RelationsIndian River Habitat for Humanity 772.562.9860

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