CAMERA: VBHS Girls Lacrosse killed and so did I, love bugs!

Saturday the Vero Beach High School girls lacrosse team slaughtered their competition 20-3. On the way there, everyone who didn’t live in the city limits of Winter Garden, massacred a few (what seemed to be million) love bugs. The trip went well enough, although I think they should just have the championship in Vero Beach, but that’s another blog for a sports writer.

From Vero to the turnpike the only way I could describe the onslaught of love bugs is like going through a storm of juicy hail.

As I’m sure you know, during love bug season, one trip will not only coat your bumper, but your mirrors, and of course your windshield. To top if off, on the way to the game we went through a gentle rain shower the first day which made a nice smear of love on my windshield.

My parents are on their way right now from Indiana with what I can only imagine is a nice shiny car. They asked about the love bugs, I told them we sent them up north with the snow birds.

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