LoPresti Acquires Tri-Nav Charts

SEBASTIAN — LoPresti Aviation has acquired the rights to Howie Keefe’s Tri-Nav Chart print and digital products (the aviators’ guide for easily navigating the airspace system).  

The products include:

1. Tri-Nav’s unique aviation charts that can be used for both legal IFR and VFR flight,

2. Free Internet update service on the FAA’s 28-day cycle,

3. The “Shirt Pocket” series of AvData books,

4. An atlas of WAC Charts in a 20 sm = 1″ scale.

“LoPresti can now expand their reach from helping pilots make their planes go faster to offering them digital apps for their cockpit navigation, with print products for back-ups and land-based planning. We are delighted to be working with Howie on his exciting new products,” stated RJ Siegel, CEO of LoPresti Aviation and a developer of Apple products.

This chart system will give the pilot, at a glance, a comprehensive situation awareness. Keefe’s ability to develop pilot friendly tools that meet the needs for cockpit versatility, has been proven repeatedly.

“Tri-Nav marries perfectly with LoPresti’s motto of pilot efficiency. Our next development project is to support the bound Atlas with an iPad implementation,” said Siegel.

“The central problem with an iPad is that the screen is too small. The tabloid size of the Atlas lends itself to maximum readability and ease of use. However, if the Atlas ever catches fire, I guess you could always turn to the iPad.”

Tri-Nav Chart will be available May 1, 2011 by contacting LoPresti Aviation at 800-859-4757 or by emailing TriNav@LoPrestiAviation.com .

For more information contact David LoPresti, at 772.562.4757, David@LoPrestiAviation.com or visit http://www.loprestiaviation.com.

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