3 seats available on Fellsmere City Council

FELLSMERE – Fellsmere residents could be voting for three council members this November – if no one files to run against the incumbents and if the incumbents decide they want to keep their seats.

Vice Mayor Joel Tyson and Councilmen Fernando Herrera and Daniel Naranjo’s seats on the dais are up this year. Whether they plan to seek re-election remains unknown.


Read More Last November, Mayor Susan Adams and Councilwoman Sara Savage sought re-election and went unchallenged, saving the city from a municipal election.

Fellsmere City Clerk Debbie Krages said, in her experience, Fellsmere residents wait until the qualifying period before announcing their intent to run for the Fellsmere City Council.

That period runs from Aug. 19 to Sept. 3. In order to qualify for the election, residents must have lived in the city for at least six months immediately prior to the last day of the qualifying period.

Candidates must also pay a fee of $73, which amounts to a $25 payment to the city and 1 percent of the council member’s annual salary.

Council members are paid $4,800 annually.

The Fellsmere City Council consists of five members who serve two-year terms. The council serves at-large and is non-partisan.

In the event there are more candidates than there are seats available, the top vote getters are awarded the open seats on the dais.

To learn more about the upcoming Fellsmere municipal election or how to become a candidate, visit Fellsmere City Clerk Debbie Krages at City Hall, 21 S. Cypress St., or call (772) 571-0116.

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