HABITAT: Oh, the sacrifices they make. . .

Even the best cause on the planet can’t succeed unless people know about it. Duh.

Which is why, behind every successful non-profit there is a person – or several – whose task it is to “do PR.” To get the word “out there.”

Out There – noun: random locations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, doctors’ waiting rooms, TV shows, flyers, brochures, etc. which will be listened to, watched, read or otherwise absorbed by YOU.

YOU – noun: every individual who has the potential for supporting a cause.

I can’t speak for other PRsters but, for me, the job would be way harder, way less fruitful – and way less fun – if not for the very VERY good natured, dedicated staff and volunteers with which Indian River Habitat is blessed.

For example: When we were promoting our big annual fundraiser, the Habitat Cracker HoeDown, the event committee was asked to don cowboy hats/shirts/boots and pose with – a calf, three chickens and a snake. The year before, it was a zebra, and before that cows and horses. And they’re always being asked to climb onto ladders.

They have worn hardhats in assorted colors, marched in parades wearing antlers or hats with Christmas decorations Velcro-ed to the tops. They have even agreed to wear BIG bunny ears to promote our (coming April 23) HabiTrot 5K and kids’ Bunny Hop. Our wonderful Board of Advisors gamely tromped out onto compacted fill dirt and took their places around a desk on the very site where our new Office and Training Center is now well under way.

I am fairly sure these lovely folks are tempted to flee to a foreign land or, at least, to shut their office doors or not answer the phone when they know I’m out prowling for photo shoot victims (make that “subjects.”) But they are not only very VERY good sports, they all share a love for and dedication to Habitat’s cause: making it possible for qualified families in need to acquire simple, decent homes of their own.

Honestly, it (almost) brought a tear to my eye when I handed two of our awesome volunteers – Dave Taylor and Al DeRenzo – their bright yellow hardhats topped with those very large pink and white bunny ears – and they didn’t even flinch and they actually smiled! The women were great, too, but it must have been a tad more traumatic for, you know, guys. Real men may not eat quiche, but they definitely wear bunny ears – when the cause is righteous!

Have a good one.

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