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Erskine Bowles added as fifth speaker in Distinguished Lecturer Series

VERO BEACH – Erskin Bowles has been added as a firth speaker in the Riverside Theatre’s Distinguished Lecturer Series to be held at 5 p.m. (one lecture only) Tuesday, April 12 at the Community Church of Vero Beach.

Because of the budgetary issues facing Washington, D.C., Erskine Bowles is uniquely qualified to discuss America’s deficit crisis. Appointed by President Barack Obama, along with former Senator Alan Simpson, he served as Co-Chairman of the National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility (The Debt Commission), a bi-partisan group looking to erase the United States’ multitrillion-dollar debt.

Early in his career, Bowles worked for Morgan Stanley and founded his own financial investment company before joining the Clinton Administration to run the Small Business Administration and eventually become President Clinton’s Chief of Staff. As Chief of Staff, he was a pivotal negotiator in getting America’s first balanced budget in decades.

A leader who himself had to face down budget woes as the recent President of the University of North Carolina system which depended on a state in a fiscal crisis for much of its funding, Bowles will discuss what leaders on both sides of the aisle must do to bring America’s spending and deficit problems under control before the consequences become dire for generations to come. Himself a Democratic operative and candidate for office, Bowles will also train his eye on the American political landscape and will provide his candid views on the current issues making their way through Washington.

Tickets are $75.

For more information or ticket availability, call the Riverside Theatre Box Office at 772-231-6990 or 800-445-6745.

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