Saint Edward’s Trunk Show entices savvy shoppers

VERO BEACH — The Saint Edward’s Trunk Show has become as much a rite of spring as the FCAT’s, enticing savvy shoppers who know a good thing when they see it. 

The school’s Parents Association hosts the annual weekend-long show, now in its 19th year. The hard-working committee lures vendors from all over the country, seeking one-of-a-kind items not generally found locally.  This was the fourth year for the Friday night VIP Shopping Party, which has increasingly grown in popularity as attendees realize they can have a first crack at all the goodies.

“We have about 50 vendors,” said Sara Smith, the school’s Director of Marketing and Communication.  “Some have been coming for many years in a row, and some are brand new. The Parents Association selects the vendors, coordinates the volunteers; they do everything.”

Spread out around the campus, the majority of the show is held in the Wachter Activity Center and Upper School Gymnasium, giving ample room for the droves of shoppers who flock to the weekend long show.  Proceeds benefit various student enrichment programs.

This year’s Trunk Show was co-chaired by St. Edward’s moms Catalina Pines, whose children Christina and Eddie are in second and third grade, and Dr. Suzanne Conway, whose daughter Tillery is a junior.

“She’s my last one here,” said Conway.  “My other two have moved on.”

“We’re excited about all the vendors,” said Pines.  “Many of them request to be part of the show.  A vendor from New York selling UV protective clothing said they were told at another show that they had to visit Vero Beach.  They’re all happy with the community; it’s good exposure for all of us.”

A dentist, Conway is one of many medical volunteers involved with the Haiti Clinic in Cite Soleil, working to improve the health care of Haitians.  Vibrantly colored, traditional Haitian metal art made there was also being sold at the show, with proceeds from their sale supporting the clinic.

“We were down there on one of the mission trips, and saw the art there,” said Conway.  “The benefit goes both ways, helping the artists and the clinic.”

The VIP Party, chaired by Susan Temple and Lisa Gaston, incorporated the help of numerous volunteer parents. Association mothers made and passed plates of hors d’oeuvres or helped at the various booths, while fathers worked as bartenders.

“What I love about it is that it’s a great way to take a little more time with the vendors,” said Pines of the preview event.  “The weekend crowds are unbelievable.  It’s amazing what happens to this campus on Trunk Show weekends; people come from all over.”

Toni Hamner was giving a helping hand to her friend Janet Morgan, who was selling exquisite hand-painted items.

“We both lived in Brazil but didn’t know each other there,” said Hamner. “We met here when I volunteered at her booth one year, and found we knew the same friends.  We’ve been friends ever since.”

Amy Fazackerley was premiering her invention Lay-n-Go at the show.  She lives in Virginia, but her mother Debbie Sheridan lives in Orchid Island and they thought this would be the ideal spot for the product’s debut.

Looking a little like a flattened kiddie pool, kids can play with their toys on the nylon play-mat, and when they’re finished a drawstring tidies it all up into a bag for easy storage.

“I have three boys, three, five and seven, and millions of Legos. This solved my problem,” said Fazackerley.  “Its patent pending; we’ve just finalized everything.”

A festive mood carried throughout the evening, as ladies enjoyed their shopping and camaraderie.

“It’s well worth a little more money to beat the crowds,” said Barbara Russell.  “At 9:15 tomorrow morning it’s going to be triple the number of people.”

“It’s a fabulous opportunity to view all of these wonderful things,” agreed her friend Lyn Law.

The Trunk Show will continue until 5 p.m. Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.  Admission at the door is $5, which includes unlimited entry both days. {igallery 351}

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