E-FIT: What happens when you don’t have ‘real’ trainer?

I’m beginning to understand better now the appeal of paying hundreds of dollars to a gym and having a real-life trainer in your face.

It’s – I imagine – what they call motivation.

I feel like a lump – all this last week and so far this week, I haven’t logged into my digital workout program.

No sit-ups. No jumping jacks. No squats with leg lifts.

I take solace in the fact that, despite the lack of activity, I have shed a pound! WooHoo!

Not that I should be proud of being a lump. And I shouldn’t call it that, either. It’s not like I’ve spent the last several days sitting on the sofa vegging. I’ve been hard at work on the website, interviewing folks, writing articles and attending meetings and the like.

I’ve been out and about – but not working out.

I’d like to tell myself that if I had paid a gym membership and had a trainer who’d curse me out for skipping a session, I wouldn’t skip out as I recently have been.

Then again…maybe I still would have. Work is work – it’s what pays the bills and, typically, keeps me out of trouble.

All I can do now is jump right back into my routine of hitting the virtual gym as soon as I log off the website.

Wish me luck – I think I’m going to need it!

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