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Country singer Joe Diffie to wrap up last day of Frog Leg Fest today

FELLSMERE – Country singer Joe Diffie will wrap up the last day of the 20th Annual Fellsmere Frog Leg Festival – today.

Known for “Pickup Man,” “Third Rock from the Sun,” and “Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox,” festival organizers expect the singer to draw a crowd and give the festival that final push in the last few hours.

The weather hasn’t been completely cooperative for the annual festival. Rains on Friday kept much of the crowds at home or holed up in their hotel rooms.

But Saturday’s weather, though chilly and windy, stayed dry and thousands descended upon the festival grounds at the Old Fellsmere School to watch a pie eating contest, gunslingers, trick roping demonstration, and other such entertainment.

Winner of the Apple Pie Eating Contest was 10-year-old Will Sternberg, who competed against his brothers, Drew and Reed, and his mom, Michele.

Each contest had a quarter-pie to eat, with no utensils and no hands.

“Get it down!” cried a member of the audience. “Don’t chew – swallow!” another yelled.

Will said the contest was easy for him.

“I really love apple pie,” he said.

He explained that early in the competition he was having a difficult time swallowing the pie, but after chugging a bit of water, the rest was smooth going.

He won $20 in cash, which he planned to spend on the Midway, and his brother Drew, who took second place, won $10.

The Pie Eating Contest was one of many diversions at the Frog Leg Festival on Saturday.

Today’s entertainment line-up includes The Rip Tides, who perform folk/classic rock, and the Logan Brothers Band, along with Joe Diffie.

The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. The admission and parking are free.

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