E-FIT: She called me ‘Poodle!!’

I need encouragement – I think everyone does when they’re doing something they know they need to do but don’t necessarily want to do.

But do I have to be called “Poodle?!”

I’m, of course, referring to the “encouraging” words from my e-trainer.

Every so often, she starts up with these quips that are meant to keep my butt in gear – but sometimes it just makes me want to cross my eyes and blow the raspberry at her!



She also has a habit of saying, “Easy Mama” – even when it’s Keith who is performing the workout – not me. You would think that whoever programmed the game would have modified the verbal cues based on the gender of the exerciser.

But, I guess that’s what I get, choosing to go with a digital workout rather than hitting the gym and having a human personal trainer.

So, I have a couple options moving forward – either learn to tune her out or just mute the TV and plug into my MP3 player.

At any rate – poodle or not – I’m going to keep at the workouts, toning muscles, trimming inches and increasing stamina.

Until next time,Woof!


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