Dos Milpas in Fellsmere to receive $5,000 to spruce up building

FELLSMERE – Dos Milpas, a Mexican store, in Fellsmere has received approval for a $5,000 grant from the city to help offset the costs of improving the exterior of the building.

The store, located on Willow Street, is expected to be pressure washed, repainted, and get a new sign to better advertise on the road. The owners, Salvador and Francisco Magana, have also agreed to provide an easement along Willow to assist the city in establishing a much-needed sidewalk for pedestrians.

“This is an exciting project,” Fellsmere City Manager Jason Nunemaker said prior to the council’s vote of approval.

He explained that the city has been working with the various property owners along Willow, trying to get easements dedicated so that a sidewalk could be built.

The sidewalk project is expected to improve not only foot traffic in the area but also pedestrian safety.

As it is, many pedestrians either walk in the street or on the grass along the street’s edge. Some of those pedestrians are children who walk to and from Fellsmere Elementary School.

Francisco Magana told the Fellsmere City Council – sitting as the Community Redevelopment Agency – that they expect to have the facade improvements complete within a few weeks.

The entire cost of the project, including a new sign, is estimated at about $6,600. Dos Milapas will be required to fund the remaining $1,600 not covered by the facade improvement grant.

“It looks good,” Fellsmere Mayor Susan Adams said of the proposed work to improve the building.

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