Organic Wine Tasting to be held at ELC

WABASSO ISLAND – Grapes are one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Wine made from certified organically grown grapes, without using any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, is clearly better for our planet and the consumer. At 5 p.m. Saturday, January 22, the Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is sponsoring an organic wine tasting, led by a wine appreciation instructor, to help participants chose wines that are both earthy friendly and delicious. The cost for the wine tasting is $20 per adult or $18 per member, and participants must be at least 21 years old.  Reservations are required.

Call (772) 589-5050 reserve your spot.

Also, Chocolate aficionados should note 5 p.m., Tuesday, February 8, on their calendar for an organic chocolate tasting session at the ELC.

The cost is $30 per person and reservations are a must.

The Environmental Learning Center is located north of Vero Beach, off County road 510 at the end of the Wabasso Bridge. Its 64-acre island campus includes exhibit areas, native plant gardens, picnic facilities, gift shop, and visitor center. Admission is $5 per non-member with children 12 and under free.

A list of ELC field excursions, hikes, boat excursions, nature walks and bird watching can be found at  You may also call (772) 589-5050 and ask that a schedule be mailed to you.

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