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Saint Edward’s School begins 46th school year

VERO BEACH — Saint Edward’s School welcomed 541 students onto one campus Wednesday, August 25th to start the 2010-11 School Year. Students from the Upper, Middle and Lower School divisions arrived on one campus, beginning an exciting new era in the School’s history.

Students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade were greeted by their teacher in new classrooms on what was formerly the Middle and Upper school campus. “Parents welcomed the one-campus drop off,” said Transportation Director, Steve Milliman. “They were able to accompany their younger child to the Lower School classrooms at the same time that they said good-bye to their Middle School age child. It made everything easier all around.”

Middle School students and faculty have their own new classrooms to call home. The Middle School now sits comfortably in the footprint of the Upper School so that students can share the art facilities, the Gym and Aquatics complex, as well as the Peter B. Benedict Library and Waxlax Center for the Performing Arts. “At the same time,” Head of the Middle School, Dr. Kris Alber said, “the Middle Schoolers have their own space and enjoy the feel of a small campus while partaking of all the advantages that go along with a bigger School.”

The School’s student population includes students from Melbourne, Florida south to Martin County. Six new international students have joined the Upper School, three are from China, one from Cuba and one is from Germany.

“It is thrilling to see returning students welcome and mentor the 64 students new to Saint Edwards,” said Director of Admission, Peggy Anderson. “There is an air of excitement among the students of all ages.”

“I feel blessed to be here with you for my second year on the Ship,” Head of School Mike Mersky said as he addressed the faculty. “I do know how fortunate our students are to have you in their lives, and I’ve known since my arrival that the true Saint Edward’s School Advantage lies within all of you and the gifts you give to our children.”


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