Read Rhett Palmer’s statement explaining support for Hatch

It was not my intent to get involved with Ira Hatch’s sentencing.  However, when I read the article about not complaining if Hatch died before he finished serving his sentence, I felt it had gone too far and felt compelled to respond.

I can certainly understand the vitriolic response that I inspired from the innocent people who were hurt by Ira Hatch.  However, I would rather err on the side of mercy and believe in the code that we should forgive the sinner but not the sin.

I do not assume to know the intent of that statement in the article; I suppose he is urging the judge to give the maximum sentence of 30 years and not consider the age of Hatch upon release.  And I suppose he could have left it at that.

What upsets me is that one human being can say, and I quote from the article,  “…. that if Mr. Hatch’s sentence is ultimately cut short as the result of premature or untimely death, we will not complain; nor should the court.”  And then that sentiment makes the headline.

Yes, Hatch’s actions have negatively affected the lives of many people, but this thirst for his death?  I believe it went too far.

This in no way diminishes the horrible crimes that have been perpetrated upon the victims and I am not, in any way, excusing or condoning his behavior.  Though my losses cannot compare to others, I, too, lost thousands of dollars to Ira Hatch.

As we forgive, so shall we be forgiven.

Rhett Palmer

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