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Read Rhett Palmer’s plea for mercy for Ira Hatch

August 18, 2010


Your Honor,

I remember reading in the Bible how all these men wanted to stone the woman caught in adultery. The good Lord said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”… they all walked away.

Perhaps I am sending you the only letter that advocates mercy from the court for Mr. Hatch. Does anyone remember the huge Christmas gatherings that he held during the holiday seasons? Does anyone remember all the charities he used to support?

Mr. Hatch used to pay for ads on my radio show that supported the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Good Samaritan Center and more, instructing me to tell them it was a gift and to use the air time as they wanted. Please consider the source where hardened hearts say they don’t care if this man dies for this crime?! That, to me, is a tell tale sign of a dark heart. What happened to “as we forgive so shall we be forgiven”? This man owed me money too. Others have owed me money too and left town. This man did not run. That says something about his character. Who has not borrowed from Peter to pay Paul? Yes. Wrong. Payment? Yes. But death? Please, Sir, I urge you to exercise mercy. This man, a non violent man, could be of good service in our society but not locked up. He has paid and will pay with a blemish on his heart and back for the remainder of his days. You, as a judge, I believe are called to weigh the scales and give judgment. Please consider I never heard a mean tone or a bad word issue forth from this man’s lips. He was, and I am sure still is, a kind man. He was a good father, a caring father, as I could tell, as an outsider, a faithful husband. Why is mere a thing called mercy if we don’t exercise it?

Back to the men who wanted to stone the woman to death, in the story in the good book. It says the Lord leaned down and wrote something in the dirt. I wonder what the Lord would write about these vitriolic non merciful hearts who would utter their non- caring about Mr. Hatch’s early death? I pray that shouts something to the goodness in your heart. I ask you to favorably consider an unpopular stand of mercy. I pray this letter inspires true justice.


God Bless you with wisdom,

Rhett Palmer

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