UPDATE: View Ad – Vero Beach Sports Village makes TV debut with ad

VERO BEACH – For 30 seconds Wednesday evening viewers around the nation got to see and hear about the Vero Beach Sports Village.

The television commercial ran during the AAA All Star Game on the Major League Baseball Network, which features up and coming baseball stars in the Minor League.

  Touting its ability to offer “Stay, Play and Train,” the commercial shows off both baseball and soccer facilities, along with the on-site lodging and workout rooms.


“Baseball and team sports are a part of our American legacy,” the advertisement begins, showing three young baseball players with a large American flag draped on their backs.

“Now you can experience this championship setting with your team, employees or tournament by hosting your event at our fully equipped world class facility,” the commercial continues.

In 30 seconds, viewers hear about the history of Dodgertown, now known as the Vero Beach Sports Village, and the amenities it has to offer.

“While you’re here, stay, play and train in the tropical paradise of Indian River County,” the commercial concludes.

Assistant County Administrator Michael Zito presented the commercial to the Board of County Commissioners this week, prior to it airing on the Major League Baseball Network.

“I was thrilled” and “proud” to see the commercial live Wednesday night, Zito said Friday. “I loved it.”

The county has an agreement with Minor League Baseball to market the Vero Beach Sports Village and allocated $50,000 a year for it. Those funds are earmarked within the county’s tourist development tax dollars.

In the two years since the agreement was reached Minor League Baseball has not requested any of those funds – until now.

Zito said after the commission meeting that he expects officials from Minor League Baseball to make a 100 percent request for reimbursement of the advertisement, noting that the cost to produce and air the commercial was “comfortably” under $10,000.

The ad was pulled together using previously shot footage of the sports complex, which helped to speed up production under a tight deadline as well as keep the cost relatively low.

Zito explained that the commercial is part of the agreement the county has with Minor League Baseball, which is in charge of operating the sports complex.

While commissioners appeared pleased with the commercial, they noted that 30 seconds is not long enough to convey everything the Vero Beach Sports Village has to offer.

Commissioner Gary Wheeler suggested that if the county could put the ad on its Web site, maybe they could expand on it.

Commissioners also recommended that the video be placed on other local Web sites to receive more views and exposure.

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